Robert Marcus enjoys the texture, appearance and strength of bronze, and most of his sculptural ideas find their final form in bronze metal. Many of his pieces originate in clay or plaster, and his life-size works begin from plaster body molds made directly from the human model. Marcus is inspired by the flowing curves of the human form and the negative spaces they create. His work ranges from wall reliefs of wistful biomorphic shapes to life-size bronze abstractions, often including playful topological shapes.

Bob's larger sculptures - including "Dream", "Jubilation", "Sunburst" and "You and Me" - are partial human forms in contemplative or other expressive postures. The negative - or "missing" - parts create tension and draw the viewer into a more intimate relationship with the figures. Giving equal weight to positive and negative space adds an additional dimension to the sculptures. "Eve" has positive and negative human forms, side by side, and meeting at their fingertips on a neutral plane. "Continuum" is an abstraction with a one-sided surface that appears to have three sides, and "Kissing Tree" is a playful abstraction with a single surface.

Robert Marcus' sculptures have won prizes in competitions and shows over many years in the New Jersey-New York area, and many of his pieces are in private collections in this country and in Canada.

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Chatham, MA 02633

r marcus sculpture

r marcus sculpture


"Time goes, you say? Oh no! Time stays. We go!"

"But that's hardly the case with art," says Alice. "Beautiful sculptures last forever!"